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I am Tatiana Ivensen, cinematographer and photographer based between Paris and Switzerland. 

From an early childhood passion for fine arts and painting I discovered that image is what defines my way of thinking. The aesthetics of a captured still image, its geometry of space, the way characters take their places and create a certain gravitational pull by silently sharing their story with the viewer - and how I, as an artist, am capable of channelling this to the viewer by being in control of what I show and how.

Choosing how to distort reality in a way that makes it more defined, meaningful, less coincidental in order for it to express a deeper reflection of itself is something that began to fascinate me more and more as I studied - first art history, psychology, and 35mm film photography. 

Ultimately, after having observed a film set, I've come to being fascinated by the power of visually modifying and controlling entire environments for characters to live and grow in, to serve the vision of the author of the film. So I elected to finally study cinematography.
Painting with light, as poetic as it sounds, is the most accurate definition of the art of cinematography. It's the horizon of reality and imagination, and it merges the two in the most subtle of ways. 

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