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Tatiana Ivensen

Cinematographer / Photographer / Colorgrader


Director - documentaries
(as Artist in Residence at the Ecole d’Humanité)

  • French Theater at the Ecole d’Humanité (commercial documentary, 2021 - directed by Tatiana Ivensen)

  • Mathematics at the Ecole d’Humanité (commercial documentary, 2021 - directed by Tatiana Ivensen)

  • Kealy and Addison on Life and Academics at the Ecole (commercial documentary, 2021 - directed by Tatiana Ivensen)​

Cinematographer / Photographer - commercials


  • Protect Your Identity - Vereign AG (commercial, 2021 - directed by Basil Eidenbenz, ONDIT)

  • Cowboys and Indians (commercial, 2020 - directed by Andrey Golyshev, Salt for Sugar Films)

  • Sorbisch? Na klar. (commercial photo campaign, 2020 - directed by Thomas Rossa, Pioneer Communications - German Ministry of Culture)

  • The Deal (commercial, 2019 - directed by Federico Troisi, Trema Productions)

  • Headline (promo-video, 2019 - directed by Felipe Paiva, Headline)

  • Doob (promo-video, - 2019, directed by Kareem Abdallah, Trema Productions)

  • He-Ning Tooth Paste (commercial, 2017 - co-directed by Qian Kun Zhao and

    Emilie Yu)

  • Madeleine et Gustave (commercial, 2017 - directed by Sophie Banton)

Director of Photography - short films

  • Blackout (experimental thriller, short, 2019 - written, directed by Andrey Golyshev, produced by Salt for Sugar Films)

  • After Dark (live action animation thriller, short, 2018 - written, directed by Clara Grunwald)

  • Sara (drama, short, 2018 - directed by Ziqi Wang)

  • The Entertainer (comedy, short, 2018 - written, directed by Andrey Golyshev)

  • I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (comedy, short, 2017 - written, directed by

    Carlos Andres Moncayo Zenck)

  • One Safe Brother (drama, short, 2016 - written, directed by Zein Hamdan)

  • A Farmer and his Rooster (comedy, short, 2016 - written, directed by Andrey


  • False Move (comedy, short, 2016 - written by Andrey Golyshev, directed by

    Tatiana Ivensen)

  • Surface (drama, short, 2015 - written, directed by Fareed Kairon)

Event Photographer / Videographer


Clients include: AzerTV, L'Association pour les Échanges Artistiques entre la France et la Chine (AEAFC), Maison de L’Azerbaidjan a Paris, International Paris Air Show, University of Doha, Angèle, Tréma Productions, Top Hospitality Services, etc.

Set Photographer

Will Marry Soon (comedy feature film by White Media - 2016)

White Shaman (historical series by White Media - 2014)
Goodbye my Love (detective series by Mars Media - 2013)

Software skills


DaVinci Resolve

Final Cut Pro X

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Photoshop



English (adv.)

Russian (adv.)

German (adv.)

French (int.)

Italian (beg.)



2014-2017: EICAR - International Film School in Paris

Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematography


2012-2014: Franklin University Switzerland

Associate’s Degree in Art History and Visual Communications


2007-2012: École d’Humanité 

American High School Diploma

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